Conserving Water one Sprinkler System at a Time

Our Mission

Eco Irrigation is a water conservation business that designs and manages smart irrigation technology to maximize water savings. By using modern technology to adjust and personalize your landscape, we are offering an opportunity to fight against drought and be more environmentally sustainable with landscape water use.

Water Management

Eco Irrigation utilizes a four-step approach to maximize water savings. First, we ensure that each system is properly designed, taking into account things such as; plant type, sun exposure, slope, soil type, and microclimate. Second, we oversee the installation of the irrigation install or system retrofit to make sure the work is done properly as planned. Third, we monitor and manage all water usage, making sure the water is getting to where it is needed; and that it is applied in a way to promote the healthiest landscape possible.  Finally, we implement a management plan to ensure any repairs or adjustments don’t compromise the effectiveness of the irrigation system.

For every initial irrigation audit, we first like to ensure every sprinkler head is level to the slope of the ground and is putting out the appropriate amount of water per zone. With small details like these, you could be under watering a certain area and overwatering another. Every head and nozzle must correspond to the pressure each zone allows. Each soil type absorbs a different amount of water so it is important to take note of soil type and the various plants in that area. Once we get an adequate idea of every zone on the property, our irrigation technicians will have a rough estimate of what is needed for zone run times and individual programs. We will write up a detailed document providing recommendations of everything that could be done to save water.

As part of the management plan, Eco Irrigation does weekly on-site inspections of the irrigation system. Our on-site checks are the backbone to the efficiency of the system and help us to actively assess and measure landscape changes. When utilized correctly, these measures can reduce up to 60% of water use.

Irrigation Designs

With professionally designed irrigation, we are able to provide the customer with the most efficient and sustainable irrigation system possible that is specific to your property. With every property comes multiple factors and unique components that need to be carefully analyzed and accounted for. Head-to-head coverage, plant material, pressure/friction loss, and water usage are major factors in water conservation and are directly accounted for within our professionally made designs. Our Auto CAD system is able to take into account elevation change, plant material, slope, sun, shade, and will even tell us where potential dry spots could arise.

The final product is an accurate, high-quality representation of the location of underground pipe, valves, and sprinkler heads, and should be directly used for installation. It is also a great reference point for future work on the property. A professionally engineered irrigation design helps ensure less installation time, takes accurate material take-offs, and most importantly will give the customer an accurate prediction of water consumption and ultimately, water conservation.

Professionally designed irrigation systems

Specific to your property

Smart System Technology

With present irrigation technology, we are able to monitor and manage every zone, and every job site from our office, without the need to travel out to the property. Will also be set up to receive alerts when a problem arises. 

Hunter Irrigation Controllers: Hunter provides an affordable controller with capabilities to communicate on a phone or computer via wifi. Monitor and manage every zone, every job site,  and program it to adjust watering times based on the local weather patterns. In terms of water management and conservation, this is a great option for residential homes, up to 24 stations, with a potential for 50% water savings. 

Baseline Irrigation Controllers: Baseline Controllers use sensor-based irrigation software that takes real-time data to dynamically respond to the surrounding landscape, based on different moisture, precipitation, and air sensors. This controller has a copious amount of functionalities and program abilities to adjust to any type of landscape, from a high-end residential property, up to universities and HOA’s. Baseline offers much more precise control than other irrigation controller manufacturers and averages 65% water savings.

Guidelines to Conserving Water

Water Soil in a way that Strengthens Roots

The deeper the root, the more tolerant to dryer conditions

Use Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is more efficient and prevents evapotranspiration

Incorporate Compost in the Soil

Adding 1 part compost for every 3 parts soil can hold over four times the amount of water than soil without compost

Match the Precipitation Rate for Every Zone

This helps us regulate how much water is being put down

Separate Zones Efficiently

Eco separates zones based on head placement, sun exposure, slope, and overall landscape differences

Install Check Valves

This helps to prevent water from leaking out of sprinkler heads

Incorporate Weather Predictive Irrigation Controllers

These affordable clocks have the power to automatically adjust watering times based on rain, wind, temperature, and moisture

Water at Night

Watering at night prevents evapotranspiration

Incorporate Water-Efficient Sprinkler Nozzles

Simply adding these nozzles can save 30% of water use

Let the Grass Grow

With the grass being longer, it is able to protect itself from the sun's rays

Baseline Controllers

With Baseline controllers we are able to provide insight towards what happened within the last month, week, day, or hour in regards to water use and soil specifics. The graph below shows a comparison between the soil saturation percentage (green) and the fluctuations in temperature (red) throughout the days. We can use this data to determine what times can be best utilized for the most efficient watering and the rate in which the moisture in the ground is being depleted.

irrigation analytics

We can design the irrigation analytics to be as simple or as complex as needed. Below is a basic graph showing the amount of water used in gallons, within the two-week period. With this information, we can start to drill down and compare how and where we could increase water savings and create budgets based on the real-time data.

backyard irrigation

Below is an example of a sample backyard irrigation design that shows the most efficient way to zone the area, head type, and placement. A properly designed irrigation system is important, as a 10% difference in head placement can cause up to 40% difference in water used.